Yep fellow moms, PRIORITIES!


It was my first time to see this hilarious video online, and I became an instant Kristina Kuzmic fan! This woman’s outlook on parenting priorities was downright honest!

I am the kind of mom who doesn’t really acquire peace of mind when I know I left the kitchen dirty before I hop into bed. But I have two sons and soon enough they will be 3, which means this house was and will never be completely organized. Well, for an hour or two, perhaps — but when the kids start going berserk up and downstairs, things will be messy again in no time.

The thing is, I don’t always have to deal with it. At some point, I feel like wanting to lock myself in the shower to shut everything off.. AND I SOMETIMES DO. There were nights I leave plenty of chores undone to spend some time soaking my sore body in a hot tub, put on my favorite baggy shirt and prepare a pleasant meal that I can dig into while enjoying a newly downloaded movie or series. These are the simple ways I reward myself for maintaining my sanity after an entire nerve-racking day.

If you’re a mom and felt somewhat guilty for agreeing with my statement earlier, then sweetheart, you are being too hard on yourself.

To set PRIORITIES is to be entitled to indulge yourself in comfort when you feel like your mind and body are about to cease functioning soon; to physically, emotionally and mentally gratify yourself because you’re not a robot. You are a human mom who needs to pause once in a while to recharge your body with hours of good sleep and replenish your heart and mind with positive thoughts.

At the end of it all, our legacy as a mother will be measured on how we were able to raise our children despite the challenging times, not on how insanely organized our home was.

So take it easy and leave those chores for a while, you beautiful mom! 🙂


Taking My Cooking Skills to the Next Level

A quick recap: I am really bad at cooking. 

And by next level, I mean my cooking skills are at least a notch better than it was a few months ago. I had a nanny for 6 straight years who used to take care of everything in the kitchen, and though I try to practice whenever I get the chance, my ability to cook delicious meals was never enough.

The nanny had to leave (that’s another story) almost two months ago, and I was left to manage the kitchen on my own. It was an enjoyable experience for me as I get to learn more about different ways of cooking – but not for my kids. The trial-and-error phase means they have to endure some of the unpleasant food I serve, that I usually end up frying something just to get through meal time. But with lots of love and patience from my family, I learned several (basic) dishes and I’m proud to say that I can now cook them without consulting anyone.. or Google 😀


Left to Right: Pork Nilaga, Pork Sinigang, Teriyaki Chicken, Tokwa’t Baboy, Chicken Curry and Pork Steak (with beans and fried potatoes) I have successfully cooked Pork Nilaga and Chicken Curry before, I just feel more confident to serve them again this time.

But what’s a good meal if you cannot share it with your kids? The real challenge that comes with cooking is whether or not you can get your kids to eat. My sons have totally different eating habits. While my eldest is a little picky, my youngest loves veggies and can eat almost anything I serve; which is why I try to be as creative as I can in order to convince him to try healthier dishes. I don’t want to force him, so I just make sure to always include a small portion of vegetable/s for the side dish.  I also noticed that whenever I allow them to help me out in the kitchen, they get more excited to eat whatever I serve on the table. I’m sure every mom shares the same sentiment — cooking is fun but the kitchen easily gets messy, so we want to get things done as quickly as possible. But letting my kids decorate their own meal gives them a sense of appreciation; they are more eager to try a new dish especially if they were part of the preparation (it could be just mixing the ingredients, or adding water, etc. It doesn’t have to be really serious).  

I’ve always been a working mom, and being a total hands-on for a couple o’months now has taken me to a more challenging level of motherhood. Learning how to cook could be frustrating at times, but nothing beats the joy of hearing your kids say thank you for a dish well done!


Celebrating 6 Years of Motherhood

It’s the time of the year.

My sons’ birthdays are both on July, and I can’t help but get emotional whenever this month comes. It wasn’t a long time ago when these two were so tiny — so cute and tiny, but they never seem to stop outgrowing my lap. Today, let me share with you a couple of throwback photos taken in 2011 and 2013.


I admire every mother’s story of painful labor but mine’s a little different. 12 hours of very tolerable, occasional pain and I was informed I had to undergo an emergency C-Section to avoid certain complications. Turned out my pelvic bone, which is supposed to expand during normal delivery, wasn’t cooperating at all. At 7:09 pm, they happily declared a healthy baby boy; though medically speaking, AK was a “stressed baby” because he was supposed to come out hours earlier. Almost 6 years have passed and I still see him as my sweet, little iyakin baby.


I thought having my first son would save me from all the uncertainties of raising another baby, but boy was I so wrong. I figured that everything I’ve learned – from changing nappies to lulling a sick infant to sleep – would not always be applicable to all children. Being a mother of two has taught me that whatever works best for AK won’t always work for Knight; that choices and experiences will vary from one child to another; that being sleep deprived is a form of torture when you gotta work in the afternoon. Nonetheless, it is rewarding to see them learn to share things and be protective of each other.

Knight’s turning 4 in three days, while AK’s turning 6 in three more weeks. Twice a year, I am reminded of how lucky I am for the life that I have, no matter how bleak things may be.

I don’t really know who gets to read this post, or if anyone ever gets to read stuff I write in this blog. But if you happen to come across this message.. especially if you’re a parent like me, I want you to always remember: We love our children in our own ways, and as long as you tell and show them how you feel everyday.. then you are doing just fine  🙂 Parenting can be very frustrating, and just because some parents seem to be nailing it doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. We all have our fair share of tough times, and that’s okay.

After all, its the sweet little kisses that keep us going.

Weekend Getaway with AMA Family

Like most summer getaways, the one we tried to set for several months didn’t go exactly as planned. We originally intended to visit our friends, Louie and KC, in Batangas during the town fiesta, but it was difficult due to our conflicting work schedules. Good thing, though, most of us were present on our godson’s christening and birthday party; so right then and there, we decided to give it a go.

Abillar Family invited us over to experience the indoor swimming area of their beautiful, newly built home. We arrived at the place after more than an hour, and the kids were so excited to take a dip when they finally saw the kiddie pool.


Though not complete, it was the first time our children got together after more than a year. The place wasn’t so big (considering that it is a family pool) but it was cozy and very comfortable. They have this nice resting corner and a big swing that’s snug enough to lull our tired children to sleep. We brought our own inflatable floaters but we were surprised to see a big plastic box beside the pool that’s full of different lifebuoys and toys for children 😃 For adult’s entertainment, they have a karaoke set and a big cooler full of beer!

kidsssswim2P_20160424_175531home pool

This has been one of the most fun bonding we had, and though our schedules do not always permit us to see each other often, I always look forward to spending time with these people. They have been my friends for nearly a decade, and it is heartwarming to see them settling down, one by one, creating their own life and adding little members to our ever-growing AMA family ❤️

Party Invasion: Jayver’s Christening and 1st Birthday Party

Jayver, son of our good friends Jyerus and Maricel, is the newest member of our growing AMA family. We were invited to celebrate with them as they officially welcome him to the Christian world, followed by his 1st birthday party at Max Restaurant in Biñan Laguna.


Our call time was 10 am. We left Parañaque at 8:30 in the morning, afraid of being stuck in the traffic jam, but it took us only 45 minutes to get to the church. Despite the afternoon heat, everybody had a good laugh during the ceremony because we had an unconventionally enthusiastic speaker that day (I don’t know how else to describe her lol) We head off to Max at around 1pm; since the trip was kind of exhausting for us and even the kids, everyone was apparently so hungry 😃


photo booth

They had a photo booth corner in the venue, and my kids enjoyed having their photos taken with the help of two very accommodating PB staff. I also think that Max Restaurant is always a safe choice for holding parties like this because they serve delicious, heavy meals both for kids and adults.

The entire Abillar Family had been very accommodating to us; Jyerus’ grandfather never fails to welcome us gracefully whenever he invites us to attend some of their family gatherings. We are also extending our gratitude to his parents for allowing us to experience their beautiful home after the party. Thank you! 😃